You like packaging, we like packaging. You buy packaging, we sell it online—we’re practically made for each other! Need any more convincing about how good we are together? Here’s 10 reasons why you should buy packaging online.

1. Convenience

When you buy packaging online, you give yourself 24/7 buying power. No more dealing with store hours, busy times or irate people. Got a few minutes on your lunch break, or are the little humans in your house finally asleep? Grab your chair and get down to it. You make the rules when it comes to shopping hours.

2. Better Prices

No more “shelf tax.” No more middle man. Prices are almost always better online, letting you buy in greater volume. And when you buy packaging online, you’re less restricted by minimum quantities. In stores, you might have to buy in groups of 10 or more. Need just 3, or maybe 23? Online, it’s often no problem.

3. Coupons & Sales

Sales and deals are even more common online than they are in stores. Lower overhead gets passed onto you, and your business benefits. Shrewd or repeat shoppers often find themselves in possession of coupons for even deeper discounts. Go nuts for packaging!

4. More Variety

When you know what you want, learning it’s out of stock is a monster annoyance. It’s almost as bad as finding out they don’t carry it all.

When you buy packaging online, merchandise is always available to buy, whether it’s the middle of a big sale or not. You’re not limited to one brand or type either, as comparison shopping is right at your fingertips. All you’ve got to do is choose: do you want bubble cushion or foam sheets, regular slotted cartons or front lock mailers?

5. No Crowds

No rudeness, no shoving, no long lines. What other reason do any of us need, right?!

6. No Salespeople or Distractions

Who likes being hounded by sales people? Or awful “music” blaring over blown-out store speakers? Or messy aisles—don’t get us started on messy aisles!

One of the best reasons to buy packaging online is that you can do it distraction- and hassle-free, right from your computer. Play your own music, grab your card and some snacks, and never listen to the dreaded “can I help you?” ever again.

7. Product Reviews

Ever hemmed and hawed over a purchase? Stared at two brands and wondered which one to go with? Ever walked away because you just couldn’t decide what to choose? Two words: product reviews.

Most sites have user reviews for products or categories, giving you a quick, info-rich look at what you’re thinking about buying. Just remember to take most reviews with a grain of salt—some people love being acidic about things.

8. Search Buttons

Talk about a timesaver AND a leg-saver! No more walking the aisles looking for what you want, only to find it somewhere it has no business being—or worse, walking right past it and not even knowing.

Hit that search button! Most search functions are so smart these days, they’ll know what you’re looking for before you’re even done typing. And they might even lead you to some things you were forgetting about, too.

9. Easy Shipping

Who’s a fan of carrying flat-packed boxes, or lugging around a giant bag of packing peanuts? Certainly not us! You? Maybe your neighbor? He seems like he likes chaos. Stay off his lawn, though.

When you buy packaging online, you can have it delivered straight to your home or workplace. And if you handle the ordering for multiple locations? No problem! You can have it shipped wherever you need it to go. Just wait until drone delivery takes off!

10. Easy Returns

Who actually likes returning something? Sure, the salesperson says they believe you, but that judgmental look says something else entirely. That’s yet another reason to buy packing online. Defective, damaged or unopened merchandise is welcomed back, often with no question. Who wants the hassle of an argument?

Many online retailers ship orders in packaging you can easily use to ship things back. And they often include pre-printed return labels, or provide easy ways to get one, should the need arise.

The rise of e-commerce has given everyone more buying power than ever. Here at The Packaging Company, we’re dedicated to making sure you can buy packaging online quickly, properly and without breaking the bank. We’re your e-commerce partner.