Instant Hot Pack 6" x 10"

SKU : 14188 Item Code : #3846
Fast Relief, Latex-Free Hot Pack

Instant Hot Pack 6" x 10"

Fast Relief, Latex-Free Hot Pack
SKU : 14188 Item Code : #3846
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• Ready-to-use and easy to activate in emergency situations
• Designed to produce immediate heat, and deliver hot therapy for up to 20 minutes
• Internal temperature reaches up to 47.7°C (118°F)
• Provides fast relief for muscle aches and pain, muscle tension and cramps, as well as any sore and stiff joints. Also aids in relieving pain caused by toothaches, sinus congestion, and migraines
• Compact size allows it to be stored in a variety of locations - your home, cottage, work or school. Also a valuable addition to any first aid kits, vehicles, and to pack for any sporting events

  • SKU : 14188
  • Brand Name : Safe Cross
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