St. John Ambulance First Aid Kit, British Columbia, Level 1

SKU : 50026 Item Code : #9800
Kit, Level 1, Unitized

St. John Ambulance First Aid Kit, British Columbia, Level 1

Kit, Level 1, Unitized
SKU : 50026 Item Code : #9800
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St.John Ambulance First Aid Kit, British Columbia, Level 1

• This First Aid kit is intended for Level 1 workplaces
• First Aid Kit meets regulations that are required by each jurisdiction
• Please refer to Workers' Compensation Board of BC for updates on regulations
• Requirements vary and are dependent on several factors including: number of employees, location of the place of employment, type of industry, hazards, proximity to   a medical facility
• Items required but not included: 3 Blankets

4    Abdominal/Combine Pad, 20.3cm X 25.4cm - Sterile
1    Small Accident and Illness Record Book
24  Antiseptic Towelettes - Benzalkonium Chloride (Bzk) Wipes
4    Compress Bandages with Elastic Tail - 11.4cm X 15.2cm
6    Cotton tipped applicators - 2 Pack 7.6cm - Sterile, single-end
1    CPR Face Mask - with One-Way valve with plastic case
2    Crepe Roller Bandages 7.6cm X 4.6m
12  Gauze Pads, 10.2cm X 10.2cm - Sterile
60  Hand Cleansing towelettes
6    Packs of Nitrile medical examination gloves. Large (2's) powder-free
1    Pencil - 8.9cm
20  Plastic Bandages, 1cm X 3.8cm, Junior
40  Plastic Bandages, 1.9cm  X 7.6cm
10  Plastic Bandages, 2.2cm circular
30  Plastic Bandages, 2.5cm X 7.6cm
4    Safety Pins #2 - 3.8cm
1    Bandage Scisssors - 14cm
1    Fine Point  Splinter Forceps, 11.4cm
1    Clear Plastic Tape - 2.5cm X 4.6m
6    Triangular Compressed Banage - 10.6cm X 10.6cm X 142.2cm
1    St.John Ambulance Plastic Case


  • SKU : 50026
  • Brand Name : St. John Ambulance
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