St. John Ambulance Safe Escape Emergency Mask

SKU : 50085 Item Code : #9819
Emergency Respiratory Mask

St. John Ambulance Safe Escape Emergency Mask

Emergency Respiratory Mask
SKU : 50085 Item Code : #9819
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St. John Ambulance Safe Escape Emergency Respiratory Mask

Saving Lives At Work, Home and Play!

A fire or explosion can produce dense smoke, endangering your safety. The St. John Ambulance SAFE ESCAPE protective respiratory mask, can help you survive!

SAFE ESCAPE is an easy to use, effective, heat resistant respiratory device which protects your eyes, nose, mouth and lungs from the effects of lethal smoke.

The mask has a unique ionized filter that is deisgned to remove smoke particles from the air, which when inhaled, can be fatal. Being able to breathe and see for a few extra minutes can mean the difference between survival or fatality.


Warning: This emergency respiratory mask helps protect agasint the inhalation of particulate matter and some aerosol materials. It does not protect the wearer against toxic gases that may be generated during a fire. This is meant for short term use and in an emergency situation only.


  • SKU : 50085
  • Brand Name : St. John Ambulance
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