St. John Ambulance CPR Face Mask

SKU : 17746 Item Code : #9813
CPR Mask

St. John Ambulance CPR Face Mask

CPR Mask
SKU : 17746 Item Code : #9813
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St. John Ambulance CPR Face Mask with One Way Valve in Plastic Case

High quality components that conform to provincial and federal standards for workplace and personal safety.
Compliant with Canada Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

Features include:

  • Reusable physical protection barrier helps reduce the risk of cross contamination and transference of viruses and bacteria
  • One-way valve and directional diaphragm prevents back-flow of air and contaminants
  • Specially designed viral and bacterial filter for extra protection
  • Medical grade thermoplastic mask for effective ventilation
  • Clear mask permits patient monitoring
  • Soft inflated cuff for a leak proof seal and patient comfort
  • Effective under extreme environmental temperatures
  • Includes compact hard shell carrying case
  • SKU : 17746
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